World’s Greatest Pub Fest – Maryborough 2017

Over this past weekend a number of our team made their way over to Maryborough to celebrate the PubFest. We were very lucky this year to be named as the annual charity of the festival and around $6000 was raised for our farmers.

After setting up the stand Charles, Tracy, Nibedita, and Dan set to work spreading the word and selling some of our Rural Aid and Buy a Bale merch. Nibedita and Tracy had a competition to sticker the most people, and Nibedita even put a sticker on a police officer in attendance.

The highlight of the event for Tracy was the costume competition which she was very generously invited to judge! Along with two other judges Tracy donned the cap and gown and set off an adventure into judicial process. One of her favourite group of contestants were the ones who gave her cupcakes, a biscuit, and a novelty cheque for $100 made out to Rural Aid! A big shout out to the League of Extra Amazing Pissheads for giving us all a laugh and really supporting our farmers.

The Maryborough PubFest is an annual event for the town, celebrating classic pubs, costumes, and the country. This years event was also an attempt to reclaim the Guinness World record for most people on a pub crawl from Kansas City. Maryborough originally set the record in 2005 with 1,198 participants, but are not the current holders. It was unfortunately unsuccessful but there is always hope for next year.

We would like to extend a big thank you to the Maryborough Pub Fest Committee for inviting us to be involved in this very special event. Thanks to the generosity of the pub-crawlers about $6000 have been raised for farmers.