Rural Aid’s unofficial spokesperson, The Ringer, provides 4 key rules for dressing like a farmer.

One of Australia’s largest rural charities, Rural Aid, is asking all Australians to dress like a farmer for the national “Good Onya Mate” fundraising concert tomorrow night, 28 November.

Rural Aid’s unofficial spokesperson for the event, known as The Ringer, held a press conference today to advise Australians three key rules to dressing like farmers at their local Good Onya Mate gatherings. 

“Rules one: don’t chew straw, it’s not Little House on the Prairie,” The Ringer says from his paddock in central Queensland.

“Rule two: ya don’t have to listen to country music but it might pay to know who Slim, Lee and Kasey are.”

“Rule three: keep your belt buckle smaller than a dinner plate, unless you’ve won a national rodeo.”

“And finally, rule four: not every sentence has to end in ‘yee haa’.”

The charity encourages Australians to post a photo of their outfits with the hashtag #goodonyamate as a message of solidarity to farmers across the country.

CEO of Rural Aid John Warlters says the funds raised from the concert will go towards the charity’s new Stronger Futures program, dedicated to helping farmers develop strong and sustainable futures for their families and local communities.

“Drought, bushfire and flood are regular and devastating realities for Australian farmers. These challenges create financial, emotional and practical hurdles for this crucial sector of our community and economy; the people who put food on our tables and clothes on our back.”

“In addition, covid created new pressures for farmers. Domestic border closures impacted the supply chain for farmers, and international border closures impacted the workforce resulting in insufficient numbers of shearers and fruit pickers to handle farming responsibilities.”

“This concert will provide pivotal support to the farmers who feed our nation and the world,” Mr Warlters concluded.

To help Australians authentically dress like a farmer for the Good Onya Mate concert, Rural Aid has appointed The Ringer from Queensland to explain how it’s done. He held a press conference today on how to speak like a farmer.

Official spokesperson, CEO John Warlters 0409618641
Unofficial spokesperson, The Ringer 0407652149
Media contact, Lyndsey Douglas 0424203935