Rural Aid’s unofficial spokesperson, The Ringer, advises Australians on how to dress like a farmer.

One of Australia’s largest rural charities, Rural Aid, is asking all Australians to dress like a farmer for the national “Good Onya Mate” fundraising concert scheduled for 28 November.

Rural Aid’s unofficial spokesperson for the event, known as The Ringer, held a press conference today to advise Australians on appropriate headwear for the event.

The Ringer helps Australians dress like a farmer for the Good Onya Mate concert.

“You want to make sure you’re not wearing your country hat awkwardly like a city politician on a farm visit,” The Ringer says from his paddock in central Queensland.

“Brim size is all important, and don’t go putting a feather in your cap – no one in the bush will take you seriously.” 

The charity encourages Australians to post a photo of their outfits with the hashtag #goodonyamate as a message of solidarity to farmers across the country.

“While I’ve got your attention. Let me blow your mind with a few stats. In the last financial year Rural Aid provided more than $28 million in financial assistance to almost 5,000 farmers, including more than 20,000 pre-paid gift cards. We travelled across rural Australia to ensure more than $11 million in fodder and hay totalling over 50,000-plus large bales, almost 3,000 water deliveries  valued at more than $1 million were delivered and some 1,300 farmer counselling sessions were provided.”
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