Fodder Drops for Desperate Farmers

There’ll be fodder drops in flood-stricken north-west Queensland today, as relief efforts in the region crank up.

It’s estimated up to 300,000 head of cattle have perished in floodwaters, while herds are stranded and facing possible starvation.

Rural aid CEO Charles Alder says helicopters will distribute 1,500 hay bales.

“The trucks will drive to designated drop points where a fleet of helicopters – both military and private choppers – will then fly into those drop points, and then fly the hay into the paddocks and on to the properties,” says Mr Alder.

He says farmers are desperate to feed their livestock.

“This fodder is critical to at least allowing the remaining animals to try [to] get something into their stomachs,” says Mr Alder. “They’ve had to deal with drought for the last six or seven years and now floodwaters and cold wind off the waters, which is really what’s killed a lot of [the animals].”

Source: Vision Christain Radio